Famous people from Odessa

Odessa is a city with a rich history and quite extraordinary people. For native inhabitants of Odessa there is nothing better than to inhale the smell of the native salty sea, hear the sound of the surf, see how acacias blossom in the spring, and of course, joke! Due to the special colorful humor, peculiar only to the inhabitants of Odessa, the city became famous far beyond the borders of the country. And not only thanks to him.

The World Club of inhabitants of Odessa, created in 1990, set a goal to unite everyone who once went outside of Odessa, but did not forget about its origin. The club includes athletes, scientists, art lovers, artists, musicians, poets. All of them make up a big friendly family, remembering their origins and loving their city. Odessa remembers personalities of the 18-19th century who took part in the development of the city, their life stories are closely connected with the city, therefore many places where they lived and spent their time have special signs, their names are immortalized by the names of streets and boulevards.

Heroes of the 19th century, born in Odessa

Anna Akhmatova

Анна Ахматова

The legendary person, the poetess, to whose share many tests have fallen. Her difficult fate began in Odessa, where she was born in 1889 in the family of a retired captain. From early childhood, parents were confident in the talent of his daughter, which was impossible to hide. A year later, the Gorenko family moved to Tsarskoye Selo, where she spent her young years.

At the age of 14, the poetess met N. Gumilyov, who fell in love with Anna at first sight. Next was Evpatoria and Kiev, a wedding with Nikolai in 1910, and its formation as a poetess in literary circles. All-Russian fame brought her collections "Rosary", "White Flock". After the tragic revolutionary events, when Blok died, Gumilev and many cultural figures of the time were shot, Anna would transfer her pain to the “Requiem”.

Then there was her expulsion from the Writers' Union, the arrest and imprisonment of her son Lev Gumilyov. Her work of those years was permeated with spiritual anguish, suffering, she often had to choose between life and work. She did not even think about emigration, because she understood that she could only create in her native Russian land. In memory of the world-famous poetess, in Odessa one of the streets is named after her.

Isaac Babel

Исаак Бабель

The writer who gave the world unique works, poems, and his intellectual prose reflected the life of ordinary people. He was born in Odessa in 1894 into a Jewish family, and from early childhood his life was devoted to the study of many sciences. The only free moments - changes in school, when he, together with his friends, was walking in Moldavanka, came to the port. Many episodes of this particular period will later be described in “Odessa Stories”.

For the truth about the revolution, described in the collection "Konarmiya", the writer was subjected to persecution. However, despite the oppression, his stories, distinguished by their individual style of writing, significantly influenced literature. Today, walking through the city, at the intersection of Rishelievskaya and Zhukovsky streets, Odessans observe a monument to I. Babel, next to which there is a rolling wheel on the pavement, symbolizing the history of the inhabitants of the city when the circumstances of life were stronger than dreams and dreams. In addition to the monument, Odessa honors the memory of the writer, holding the International Literary Prize. Isaac Babel. Its winners are awarded diplomas and statuettes - reduced copies of the “Wheel of Fate”.

Ilya Ilf

One of the four sons of the bank employee Arie Feinzilberg Ilya Ilf was involved in a variety of work activities, but he found his vocation in literature. Originally wrote satirical, humorous essays.

When in 1923 he moved to Moscow, began working in the newspaper "Gudok", fate gave him a friend - Yevgeny Petrov. Their combined creative potential allowed them to write masterpieces of world literature - the novels “Twelve Chairs”, “The Golden Calf”, the novels “The Bright Personality”, “One-story America”, and the novels “Unusual stories from the life of the city of Kolokolamsk”. The monument to Ilf and Petrov is decorated with the sculpture garden of the city’s Literary Museum - one of the bronze statues rests on a chair, and a golden calf stands next to the second.

Илья Ильф
Ilya Ilf reads "12 chairs"

Leonid Utesov

The monument to the great performer and actor is installed in the very center of his hometown - in the City Garden on Deribasovskaya. He is considered the founder of jazz in the USSR, and he himself said: “I do not sing with my voice — I sing with my heart!” On his songs and films grew several generations of indigenous inhabitants of Odessa and the entire Soviet Union. His hits were "At the Black Sea", "From Odessa Kichman", "Odessan Mishka". In addition, he wrote memoirs - books that are saturated from beginning to end with love for Odessa, life.

Korney Chukovsky

Корней Чуковский

Despite the fact that Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky was born in St. Petersburg in 1882, he considered himself an Odessa citizen all his life. At an early age (about 3 years), he and his sister and mother moved to Odessa, where he studied at the gymnasium for several years. It was subsequently excluded (sources claim that the cause was his status of an illegitimate). Engaged in self-study. His memories of 1936 are connected with the house number 3 on Kanatny Lane - there he spent all his time reading Boklya, Darwin, Mikhailovsky. His first poems were written here.

He is known to many as the author of children's fairy tales, which are based on Russian folklore. However, the writer worked in different styles, becoming a pro in each of them. Literary criticism, the study of biographies (for Nekrasov, he received the Lenin Prize), translation activities. It was he who made available to the reader the works of Conan Doyle, Maugham, O'Henry. His works have long been classics and are readable both at home and abroad. K. Chukovsky was an honorary doctor of the University of Oxford - the title was awarded in 1962. In Odessa, on the house in which the writer lived (14 Panteleymonovskaya St.), a memorial plaque was installed.

Alexander Dovzhenko

The recognized classic of world cinema was born in 1894 in the territory of Chernihiv province. By education - a teacher. After the revolutionary events he took part in diplomatic work, was a cartoonist, engaged in active public activities.

The year 1926 was a turning point for him - he moved to Odessa and got a job at the film factory. His first works were two comedies that were not successful, but the third picture - the political detective story “Diplomat Courier” - was enjoyed by the viewer. Then there was Zvenigora, which determined the director’s unique creative style and the best of his film, The Earth, which was critically acclaimed in 1958 at an exhibition in Brussels. Since the 70th anniversary of the birth of the director, the entrance to the film studio is decorated with a memorial memorial, and the adjacent lane bears his name. The museum of the cinema exposition still houses the camera with which A. Dovzhenko shot his films.

Александр Довженко
Alexander Dovzhenko on the set of the film "Ivan". 1932

Sergey Utochkin

Not only for Odessa citizens, but also for the entire Russian Empire, Sergey Utochkin is a legendary test-pilot. He was born in the merchant family of Odessa on July 12, 1876. Sport in his life occupied a significant place - was engaged in swimming, boxing, was a yachtsman and swordsman, and became famous as a cyclist. After carried away by the car, participated in races and set records. But the love of his life was flying.

He independently mastered the airplane, and realized that he would connect his fate with the flying art. He worked as a mechanic in Paris and knew the structure of the equipment perfectly. In 1910, having passed the exams in the Aero Club of Odessa, he received the title of pilot-aviator. Glory was just around the corner - he first flew over the sea, participated in international demonstration flights, designed aircraft. For him, there were no borders and the impossible - he risked his life, flying in the rain, and with a strong wind, and in a terrible cold. The spectator was fascinated by his curly flights with ups and downs, spans directly above the heads of the audience. The monument to him is on Deribasovskaya, near the house 22 - the aviator is depicted launching a paper airplane into the sky.

Sergey Utochkin on the airplane

Berta Rapoport

Берта Рапопорт

Radical inhabitant of Odessa, sea captain. Having entered the Odessa Marine Technical School in 1928, she confirmed that her desire to connect life with the sea was not a whim, but a purposeful decision. There were quite a few difficulties on her way: fascist captivity, sailing on ships during the Second World War and further dismissal on a national basis (she was Jewish). Bertha held the position of dispatcher at the port, and for the work she showed during the war she was awarded an award. Today, the entrance to the port of the city is decorated with a plaque B. B. Rapoport - a bold female captain. It is worth noting that she was one of two women throughout the USSR, who received a diploma of captain.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky

Михаил Жванецкий на сцене

A native of Odessa, Mikhail Zhvanetsky was born in March 1934 in a family of doctors. A well-known satirist spent his school years in the Vinnitsa region (his parents worked there), and later there was an evacuation to Asia. Returning home, the family lived on the street Staroportofrankovskoy.

Classes of amateur art, humorous nature determined his future writer. Initially, humorous miniatures were created for Odessa citizens, and after a fateful meeting with Raikin, the entire Soviet Union laughed at its performances. Zhvanetsky wished the actors from the stage to perform with his tests. So it was - the famous miniature productions "Avas", "Deficiency", "Cancers", "The Age of Technology", "Distillery" - his works.

The satirist loves to speak independently, which he has been doing since 1967. To viewers, he fell in love with a particular style with a touch of light lyricism and extraordinary humor, full of aphorisms, and philosophical reflections. Today the satirist writes books, presenting them in his beloved Odessa.

It is noteworthy that Mikhail Zhvanetsky already during his lifetime was erected a monument to the sculpture garden of the Literary Museum. There is also Zhvanetsky Boulevard.


Among the most famous contemporaries who were born and raised on the streets of Odessa, it is worth mentioning Georgiy Deliyev and Boris Barsky from comic troupe Maski Show, Oleg Filimonov, humorist and TV host.

You can add Vitas to the above list - the pop singer, actress Nona Grishaeva, experts Boris Burda and Anatoly Wasserman, humorist Roman Kartsev, singer Larisa Dolina. Odessa gave the world a lot of talents, becoming the starting point in the development of their life path.

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