Arcadia City

Приморский район - Пляж Аркадия, Одесса

Arcadia is the most popular resort area in Odessa, a beautiful park and Arcadia beach. Arcadia is situated in Primorsky district in Odessa, not far from 5-7 fountain stations.

As Arcadia hosts a record number of entertainment places, it is considered the most popular area to “hang out” in Odessa, the centre of expensive rest and club life with numerous restaurants, hotels, night clubs, entertainment centres and of course beaches with all necessary infrastructure, children grounds, bars, pools, discos, etc.

Arcadia never sleeps, it has the most intensive night life of the city. The most popular are the ITAKA and IBIZA beach and night clubs with hot discos, parties and concerts of show-biz stars every night during the resort season.

Arcadia City is a modern mall located in Arcadia. It has restaurants, boutiques, various places for active pastime for example, the modern aqua park Hawaii.

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