Art cafes in Odessa

When art and food in Odessa merged together, the first art café appeared. Any art location today is not only the art of good and delicious relax but an excellent starting ground for many unknown artists who became celebrities after some time as well.

We have prepared a list of best cafes in Odessa where they know how to relax tastefully. If you intend to have some food not only for your stomach but for your mind as well, please view our list. You won’t be hungry in any way!

Buffet Art café

Арт-кафе Буфет
© Buffet Art café

The Buffet is hidden not far from the Odessa Academic theatre of musical comedy. Not the noisy one from the Soviet times. The other one, cozy, quiet, in Odessa. Those porcelain statuettes are from your childhood, aren’t they?

Tapochki art cafe

Арт-кафе Тапочки
© Tapochki art cafe

A location offering soft plaids and cuddles sits in Dvoryanskaya street. The Tapochki welcome those who are ready to eat, drink and relax right on the sofa as if at home.

Gorod N art café

Арт-кафе "Город N.
© Gorod N art café

If you are fed up with your home and you seek adventures then head right to the Gorod N in Komarova street. This place guides their guests into a fancy town with art exhibitions, musical events and various master classes.

More Music Club art club

More Music Club
© More Music Club

More Music Club art club boasts of excellent music and poetic events. It is located in Bunina street. The club always welcomes interesting artists so you have an opportunity to see future celebrities on its stage.

Shkaf art club

Арт-клуб Шкаф
© Shkaf

Music and dances are available at the Shkaf art club in Grecheskaya street. It is one of leading underground locations in Odessa. During concerts and thematic parties you may make new acquaintances. Want to check?

Vykhod art cafe

Арт-клуб Выход
© Vykhod

You will find acquaintances in the Vykhod art café as well. There are five halls in Bunina street, hosting a cinema, a musical stage, an exhibition hall, a café-bar and lounge alluring visitors to its underground ways.

Free people art club

Арт-клуб Free People
© Free People

You will be offered to sing something yourself in the format of poetic karaoke in the Free People art café in Preobrazhenskaya street. Besides, live music of different genres plays there every night and that attracts people with absolutely different tastes. 

Gogol-Mogol Art Cafe

Кафе Гоголь-Моголь
© Gogol-Mogol Art Cafe

If singing with a mike is not appealing to you then you are welcome to play the piano! The Gogol Mogol café at the crossing of Nekrasova and Gogolya streets will draw your attention with a bicycle fence and a zebra like painted piano.  It overlooks the famous Gogol’s house. You may enjoy delicious food, aromatic tea and books to share.

19.53 art cafe

Кафе 19.53
© 19.53 art cafe

Lacked books or piano in the Gogol Mogol? Please find 19.53 art café in Shevchenko Avenue. You will be completely relaxed with its food, interior and pleasant musical events. Playing chess there may stir you up a little.

Contrabass art cafe

Арт-кафе Кортрабас
© Contrabass art cafe

The Contrabass art café welcomes its guests in the opposite part of the city, in Balkovskaya street. Odessa music fans who can’t live without blues and saxophone magic gather here.

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