11 best fish restaurants in Odessa

How long have you gone fishing? For avid fans of the Black Sea cuisine such a question can cause a strong intention to grab the bait and go straight to the nearest Odessa pier. And then you and the bull, and mussels on a pebble, and gloska, and even katran, if you're lucky, will wait.

But if you are not an amateur fisherman, and a fishing rod is far from your fad, trust the professionals and get acquainted with the Black Sea cuisine directly in any Odessa establishment that really knows a lot about fishing. In the meantime, we have prepared for you a list of the 11 best fish places in Odessa.

Babel Fish

If not in flavor, so in official status: on the Grecheskaya street, all visitors to the Babel Fish restaurant are expected to have an extravaganza of fish delicacies. By the way, the luxurious interior of this restaurant has a romantic date in the evening or a business meeting in the morning and afternoon.

Red lobster

Ресторан Красный лобстер
© Red lobster

Go down a little closer to the sea, and right in front of the entrance to Shevchenko Park on Marazlievskaya Street you will be greeted by the Red Lobster. Everything is decorated in a nautical style: an interior with wooden elements, porthole windows and, of course, a kitchen with a special soup, flounder, fish gnocchi and many other seafood specialties.

P1 prosecco bar

Устрицы в P1 Prosecco Bar
© P1 Prosecco Bar

If you are a fan of prosecco and oysters - welcome to the P1 prosecco bar. Located on the beach Langeron, and as if floating above the sea, the P1 restaurant will delight its visitors with a gorgeous view of the sea and seafood cuisine - both imported and local. It has its own atmosphere for a relaxed holiday.

Fish Restaurant Katran

Ресторан Катран
© Restaurant Katran

Those wishing to escape from the center and crowded places, will be happy to receive the Katran restaurant, which is located in Mayachny Lane. Visitors to the establishment can expect not only a calm atmosphere with panoramic windows and a view of the sea, but also plenty of sea delicacies, including the most diverse types of Black Sea fish.


Кафе Тетя-Мотя
© Tyotya-Motya

Tasty and in local style you can spend time in the cafe Tyotya-Motya, that on Bunin street. Here you will be accepted as a guest of your beloved grandmother and will be happy to feed the traditional Odessa forshmak in a jar, sprat rolls with puree, a soup cooker with pangasius and a pan of Black Sea mussels.

Kotelok - mussel bar

Бар мидий Котелок
© mussel bar Kotelok

Another popular place with Black Sea mussels is on Sadovaya Street. Here is located the Kotelok mussel bar, which will delight its visitor not only with delicious mussels in various sauces, but also with a beautiful loft-style interior, an open kitchen with a fish showcase and house wines.

Cafe Maman

Кафе Maman
© Cafe Maman

And for sandwiches with tulle go to the cafe Maman on Lanzheronovskaya street. Although this establishment does not specialize exclusively in the fish menu, this is where you will be able to fully experience the taste of this Odessa forshmak, which is prepared here as a family recipe from the collective image of all Odessa citizens represented by Maman.

Ryba (Fish)

Ресторан Рыба
© Restaurant Ryba

Walking through the Fountain, turn your attention to a restaurant under the simple name "Ryba". According to reviews of experienced, a good selection of seafood dishes here is able to satisfy even the most demanding gourmet. It's all about fish and fish theme: and pasta, and salads, and steaks, and the interior. However, be prepared not only for cozy gatherings overlooking the sea, but also for prices above average.

Columbus, fish-club

Морепродукты в Columbus Fish Club
© Columbus Fish Club

Another institution on the shores of the Odessa Sea on the Big Fountain - Columbus fish-club is a VIP-class fish restaurant with a huge territory, a pier and a hotel adjoining it. The interior inside will take you to the deck of a luxury yacht, and a walk along the beautiful pier or a celebration of an important event will be remembered by the guests of the restaurant for many, many years.


Ресторан Дача
© Restaurant Dacha

But if suddenly you were in the area of the Franzusky Boulevard, boldly wrap up in a restaurant of authentic Odessa cuisine called "Dacha". It is there that you will be served an appetizing flounder from Odessa's Privoz, a juicy Odessa goby, Tyulechka “per tooth” and sweet garlic crucians.


Ресторан Fish Cafe
© Fish Cafe

Another institution that you can meet on the Odessa coastal slopes is Fish-cafe. As stated by representatives of the institution - there is always fish day! Therefore, if you miss rapana, flounder, sea bass and other inhabitants of the Black Sea depths - you know where to turn.


I would also like to draw your attention to several other excellent institutions of the city with seafood dishes:

  • Di Mare - Mediterranean cuisine and yachts;
  • Причал N1 - delicious cuisine on the terrace overlooking the bay;
  • Crab House - crabs;
  • Тюлька - cheap and atmospheric sandwich-bar.
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