Top 10 restaurants by the sea in Odessa

The main secret of rest in Odessa is that the closer you get to the sea - the more you expect pleasure. After all, we all understand that going on a walk to the sea "to breathe the fresh sea air", we also plan to accidentally wander into some institution with a delicious Black Sea cuisine. There you can not only admire the seascape, but also meet the sunset, retire from the outside world, see how the horizon merges with the sea line and, of course, just have a good time.

So we warned you: a walk along the sea enhances not only the sense of beauty, but also appetite. Check?

di Mare

Find one of the most famous Odessa restaurants by the sea - di Mare - you will succeed on the scent! Walking along the embankment of the Odessa Sea Port and approaching the pier with yachts, pay attention to the cozy restaurant with wooden decorations and panoramic windows. It is from here that the most incredible flavors of Japanese and Black Sea cuisine are heard.

Prichal N1

Ресторан Причал N1
© Restaurant Prichal N1

But having landed on the beach Langeron, be sure to look at the institution called Berth N1. This is a favorite place of many inhabitants of Odessa. Rumor has it that behind a beautiful facade are hiding elegant Odessa mussels in a creamy sauce. And in the warm season, the restaurant opens two street terraces, one of which is right on the sand.

Terrace (hotel Nemo)

Ресторан Terrace (Немо)
© Restaurant Terrace (Nemo)

Another establishment on the beach Langeron, which is part of a large complex called the Odessa Dolphinarium "Nemo" - is a restaurant Terrace. It is located on the 5th floor of the Dolphinarium and, unlike many other establishments by the sea, it operates around the clock. At your service - a glazed room for the cold season and a spacious terrace overlooking the sea, open in the warm season.

Terrace. Sea view

Ресторан Terrace. Sea view
© Restaurant Terrace. Sea view

A little distance from the Odessa Dolphinarium, on the right side of the beach Langeron, located "Terrace. Sea view" - a beautiful institution with a stylish interior in white and very good location near the sea. But since the Terrace Sea view is in a very busy place, be prepared for the fact that the table here must be booked in advance.

R1 restaurant

Ресторан R1
© Restaurant R1

But on the left side of the Dolphinarium, on the basis of the M1 hotel, the author’s restaurant R1 opens its doors. The main difference between this place and all other coastal restaurants lies in the fact that it is located on the upper floors of the hotel. This means that the panorama of the sea is truly magical. The minimalist interior and notes of Middle Eastern cuisine will surprise even the most demanding guest.

Kadorr Restaurant

Ресторан Kadorr
© Restaurant Kadorr

And only in Odessa, walking along the French Boulevard, you can enjoy Black Sea cuisine in a classic English restaurant from Ukrainians of Syrian origin. Yes, it's about Kadorr Restaurant. This place is located away from the noisy coast, however, a good location on the coastal slopes allows guests of the restaurant to enjoy a great view from the window.

Tavern Assol

Ресторан Ассоль
© Tavern Assol

But if the free spirit of Odessa brought you to Arcadia, turn your attention to the tavern Assol. Built in the shape of a wooden sailboat, Assol attracts its visitors with a cozy atmosphere, a mixture of Mediterranean, Odessa and Ukrainian cuisines, and, of course, a beautiful view of the sea coast.


Ресторан Meduzza
© Meduzza

Not far from the Assol tavern, in the left wing of Arcadia, the Meduzza restaurant awaits its guests. In addition to the unique author's cuisine and a panoramic view of the sea, the interior attracts particular attention. If you look at it in detail, you can spot a lot of small jellyfish on the walls, as well as in some interior details, including dishes.


Ресторан Колумбус
© Columbus

A little further than the central beaches, at the 9th station of the Big Fountain, the Columbus restaurant awaits its guests. Proximity to the sea, delicious cuisine, unusual interior and the opportunity to taste local seafood specialties - what else is needed for happiness? Well, unless, walk after a hearty dinner on the pier. You'd be surprised, but he is here.

Private Elling

Комплекс Private Elling
© Private Elling Complex

However, if your path lies in the direction of the Kotovsky Village, you can look into the whole recreation complex called Private Elling, which is on the street of the Black Sea Cossacks. Here, the beach, the hotel, and the restaurant for the most important events in your life, provide for complete privacy from the city noise. On the summer terrace there are often not only romantic dates, but also exit ceremonies of marriage.

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