Top 10 unusual cafes and bars in Odessa

Today's realities of the restaurant world are such that it is extremely difficult to surprise a modern person with only delicious cuisine and cozy atmosphere. You must agree: exploring new places, we inspect each of them on the subject of “something such” and unusual.

Therefore, we could not resist and picked up for you the TOP-10 unusual cafes and bars in Odessa, which, if they do not knock you out on the spot, will definitely surprise you with their non-standard approach both in terms of interior and concept. Should that tsimes hide somewhere?

Tyulka (sandwiches and bar)

Remember the popular Soviet wine glasses, which have almost no analogues in the world? So, Odessa is so missed by such institutions that invites you to quickly visit the cafe-bar"Tyulka". It's all around and beckons to order a glass of something strong and a sandwich with something salty.

Molodost (cafe-bar)

Кафе-бар Молодость
© Cafe-bar Molodost

Smoothly move to the 90s and 2000s. On Greek street, the huge red letters and familiar to the pain interior details attracts its guests to the cafe-bar “Youth”. Here and skillet of fried potatoes for one portion, and seeds in the newspaper for delivery. And the best part: one of the few non-stop establishments in Odessa.

Tref (cinema cafe)

Кафе Tref
© Cafe Tref

For those who cannot visit institutions without a good video sequence, we recommend to go closer to Victory Park, namely, in Tref, a restaurant with a huge, two-story, screen, which is visible from any point of the hall. Eating here is combined with watching a movie or listening to music using a special headset.

Farsh (burgers)

Бургерная Фарш
© Farsh (burgers)

Burger lovers are in a hurry to surprise a place called "Farsh" at the intersection of Ekaterininskaya and Gavanna streets. Unlike many other burgers, there is a self-service system. Notify the visitor about the readiness of his order with the help of a large electronic scoreboard and a characteristic bell. Almost like a visa application center!

HUB Living room (coworking space)

HUB Гостиная

Another institution with a non-standard payment system is the “HUB Living Room” in Greek. This is one of the most popular coworking spaces in Odessa, or to put it simply - antikafe, where you have to pay not for drinks, but for time spent in the room. You can feel at home here: make coffee yourself, work as long as you like over a cup of tea, make appointments and make yourself tasty salads under the supervision of employees.

Cannoli (pastry shop)

Кафе Cannoli
© Cafe Cannoli

A little closer to the Opera House, in the courtyard of the Palais Royal, one of the most touching establishments in Odessa - the cafe-pastry shop “Cannoli” - hid. By the way, another place where you can feel at home. You can get into it either through a window from the Palais Royal courtyard, or through a door from Tchaikovsky Street. Here, both cakes and all guests are treated equally with reverence.

Friends and beer (cafe, pub)

Пивная Друзья и Пиво
© Friends and Beer

The thrill of another character can be experienced in the Friends and Beer beerhouse. If you are an avid fan of football and tasty snacks, then it's time to gather your friends and go crunch the fried steers! But among the presented variety of craft beer one can even meet Odessa producers.

Coffee and Сats (Koteynya)

Одесская КОТейня
© Coffee and Сats

By the way, fried bulls are a favorite treat not only for people, but also for our younger brothers. Have you thought about cats? Just in time! After all, on Preobrazhenskaya street you will find “Odessa Koteynya”, an informal institution where more than 10 cats live and please their visitors. For pep here coffee is offered to you. And with the cats you yourself know what to do.

The Fitz (bar)

Бар The Fitz
© The Fitz

But if you wanted something stronger than coffee and cats, look for the cocktail “The Fitz” on Ekaterininskaya Street. Be prepared for the fact that local bartenders can pick up a cocktail for you not only according to the menu, but also according to your mood. The establishment specializes exclusively in unusual alcoholic beverages. And in the daytime there is also a barber shop here.

Tramvai #16 (cafe-restaurant)

Кафе Трамвай №16
© Tram number 16 (cafe-restaurant)

Move to the Bolshoy Fontan! If you are at the 6th station of the Bolshoy Fontan, do not deny yourself the pleasure of stopping by the Tram №16. Here you can fully eat in the present dining car, watching from the window to the 17th and 18th trams scurrying around in the neighborhood. Very atmospheric place.

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