Humorina in Odessa

1 Apr 2019

Humorina is a large-scale festival, which for decades has been celebrated on a special scale in Odessa on April 1 - International Laughter Day, or the Day of All Fools.

The festival of humor is well-known not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries. Annually, on April 1, the most funny jokes, practical jokes, giving people a lot of joy and fun, are thought out. On these days, it is planned to surprise the guests and residents of the city with both familiar and new entertainment and festivities.

Festive events, performances, concerts and, of course, numerous jokes are organized throughout the city. Do not miss the big gala concert, performances of comedians, street competitions and other comic shows and shows.

The full program of Humorina is on the event website.

Одесса, Юморина 2012

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