Maslenitsa in Odessa

4 Mar 2019 to 10 Mar 2019

Maslenitsa is an ancient holiday of the wires of winter on the threshold of the onset of heat. These are folk festivals, accompanied by cheerful performances and eating pancakes. In Odessa, Maslenitsa promises to be tasty and interesting: Odessa establishments all week long pancakes with delicious fillings, cheesecakes, dumplings and other treats will be on the menu, and festive events and tea parties with pancakes will be held on the streets and parks of the city. Also at Maslenitsa on Deribasovskaya held a folk fair.

On March 8-10, 2019, the 6th All-Ukrainian Festival-Fair "Shop of Masters" will be held in Shevchenko Park.

In Shevchenko Park (scene "Shell") will be the main celebration. Thematic events are expected in the City Garden.

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