Top 20 romantic places in Odessa

Odessa is a unique city with romance in the air, so no wonder it attracts couples in love. There are a lot of romantic and extraordinary places to spend a splendid time with your beloved. You will remember that all your life!

Романтические места в Одессе

We have chosen top 20 most interesting romantic places to visit in this enchanting city.

The Heart of love sculpture

The Heart of love sculpture is the place for all people in love to put a lock with their names on it, as a symbol of eternal love. Just married couples and people in love did that on the Tyoshchin Bridge before yet it is more pleasant to do it on the heart of love now.

The picturesque Love Bridge

This romantic place in Odessa is located near the Tyoshchin Bridge, yet it is not easy to notice it. It is small but very popular. There is a tradition for people in love to take a photo kissing there.

The Vorontsov Colonnade

The beautiful Vorontsov Colonnade is located not far from the Heart of Love and you may get there passing the Tyoshchin Bridge. The columns overlook the shore of Odessa and the Sea station. This place is illuminated at night and renders special atmosphere.

Воронцовская колоннада вечером
© Juri Litvinenko

The Sea station roof

Meetings on the roof have become very popular recently. There is no one to watch you and there is a wonderful view over the city. The building of the Sea Station has a cascade system of balconies with outside stairs leading to a broad terrace on the roof. It overlooks a wonderful view of the port, the Potemkin stairs and all the Odessa bay shore line.

The Odessa Yacht club

Ascending from the Sea station you will get to the Yacht club with lots of cutters and yachts at the peer. You may order a sea trip in the Odessa bay waters on a yacht. Such a trip will be an exciting romantic adventure to remember all your life.

The cozy Zheto coffee house

The Zheto coffee house is very popular with couples in love. Its atmosphere and interior inspire romance. It is small and cozy, with just a few tables. This coffee house offers freshest and delicious desserts as well as a diverse assortment of tea and coffee. It is better to reserve tables there in advance.

Романтическая кофейня Жето
© Zheto

The promenade along Primorsky Boulevard

A walk along Primorsky Boulevard should be included into the program of your romantic evening in Odessa as well. It is green and the trees there are decorated with garlands all year round. They are illuminated at night. There are lots of benches to cuddle with your beloved enjoying the amazing sea view and listening to street musicians there.

The Pale royal yard

After Primorsky boulevard, you may go right to the wonderful place for people in love, the Pale Royal yard. It is quiet and cozy, there are a lot of forged benches, a fountain and small cafes to enjoy the company of each other.

There is a marble statue of Amur and Psychea, patrons of lovers in this yard. There is an old tradition to give love vows next to this statue and to throw coins for good luck into the fountain.

The Opera theatre and the fountain

The centre of Odessa is a magnetic place for romantic dates. You may sit at the fountain and view the Opera theatre with your beloved here. By the way, Odessa is so splendid at the sunset!

Вечерняя Одесса у Оперного театра
© Igor Sytnik

The «Desire» restaurant

This French restaurant corresponds to its name completely. It has a romantic atmosphere, excellent choice of wine and food, great service and the freshest oysters known as the best aphrodisiac. This is an ideal place to have a romantic dinner and even to propose.

The Love stairs

Apart from the Potemkin stairs, there is the Love stairs in Odessa as well (in Polsky descent) starting right behind the monument to de Ribas. There is a tradition to name positive traits of their soul mates step by step on these stairs. You will get a romantic excitement in the end!

The eternal spring of love

There is a small spring named Insuren in Shevchenko Park. Its legend says that the stone with the eternal spring of love is the heart of a woman who could not live after her beloved was killed. You may throw a coin for good luck or to make a wish holding hands there.

Прогулка в парке Шевченко

The Ferris wheel

There is an amusement park in Shevchenko Park as well, with the Ferris wheel being its pearl. Lovers can experience the flight of feelings 40 meters high on it enjoying the wonderful view of the centre of the city and the shore line.

The City garden and the Tree of love

Couples in love like to date and take photos in the City Garden as it is very beautiful, there are many benches, sculptures, a fountain, an arbour, cafes, restaurants and a very interesting attraction – the Tree of love to symbolize their feelings.

Горсад в Одессе
© Igor Sytnik

The Odessa Observatory or “a star from the sky”

Your soul mate will certainly remember a romantic excursion to the Odessa observatory at night, where you can look into a telescope, to see falling stars and to make wishes. Such excursions are individual and to take part in them one should register in advance.

The Ferry

The Ilyichevsk ferry is very popular with people in love as there are dozens of thousands of various birds around: seagulls, cormorants and even swans. If you bring some bread and cookies, you will be able to feed them at sea. Besides, the bay is quiet and picturesque.

Krimsky Boulevard

Residents and guests of the biggest sleeping district in Odessa, Kotovsky, also have places for romantic promenades. There are many flower beds and benches, with one of the biggest fountains in its centre. Forged sculptures, horseshoes for good luck, as well as crossed wedding rings are great places for photo sets of people in love.

Deribasovskaya street

All couples in love like to walk along the main street - Deribasovskaya enjoying its charm and spirit. The famous Passage shopping centre impressing with its architecture is located here. There are lots of cafes and restaurants to have a marvelous time.

Карета на Дерибасовской

The roof of the Yunost Hotel

If you want to have an exciting dinner, it can be arranged on the roof of the Yunost hotel. You will have a wonderful view of Frantsuzskiy Boulevard and the shore line from its flat roof. Candles and refined wine will contribute to the romantic atmosphere and your soul mate will remember it forever as strikingly amazing.

The Angelovs’ café-bakery

After a fascinating tour around romantic places in Odessa, it will be nice to relax in a small but cozy café with a special spirit, the Angelovs' cafe-bakery and to enjoy Odessa cuisine and fantastic desserts. On your request, they can make a dessert for special occasions putting a wedding ring into it. Any girl is secretly dreaming about such a surprise!

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