When to come to Odessa?

What time of year is it better to visit Odessa? What is the best way to plan your vacation or business in order to get the most impressions and have a good time?

Odessa in summer

Summer is the time for vacations, and this is the main time to rest in Odessa. Millions of tourists go to the sunny coast of the Black Sea to swim, sunbathe, have a great time by the sea and enjoy the southern sun. It is necessary to understand that the summer season in Odessa comes on May 1, when the weather is fine for a beach holiday. Since May, travel services finally comes to life, most entertainment events are held and many tourist-oriented establishments are active, for example, summer nightclubs open season.

In summer, most major cultural and entertainment events take place in Odessa. This is the Odessa Film Festival - the largest film event in Ukraine; it is the "I Want to Odessa" Festival of Festivals that quickly gained popularity, other numerous festivals dedicated to entertainment, children's activities, culture and art, etc.

Summer in Odessa is a time of rest, a time of warm sea and sunny mood.

Odessa in autumn

First of all, autumn in Odessa opens a significant event - the birthday of Odessa city. In honor of the City Day for several days solemn events are held in all districts that will certainly interest the guests of the city.

In September you can catch great "velvet" season of warm and comfortable weather. The sea is still warm, and the absence of the majority of holidaymakers will allow you to enjoy the charms of Odessa holidays in a more relaxed atmosphere. Many organizations extend the summer season until October 1, so you have a chance to successfully combine all these components and have a nice rest by the sea.

Autumn is a time for cultural recreation. The new theatrical season opens, music festivals are held, in particular, the jazz festival.

Also at this time of the year, when the heat subsided and many tourists left, it may be more pleasant to get acquainted with local sights, take a tour or stroll through the autumn city itself. Odessa in autumn is especially good.

In addition, autumn is also a time for business travel. Business tourism, holding forums, conferences in Odessa in autumn is a good idea, because you can get ideal infrastructure and conditions for organizing such meetings.

Odessa in winter

Winter is traditionally Christmas and New Year's holidays, so you can plan to visit Odessa these days as fun or romantic trip.

The climate in Odessa is warm enough, so not every winter you will find snow lying on the streets. And this means that there is an opportunity to fully get to know the South Palmyra, walk along its streets, enjoy the atmosphere of this wonderful city. Odessa is ready to receive guests all year round. Services allow you to spend a wonderful time in Odessa in the winter both on holiday and in a business setting.

Odessa in spring

Of course, in spring Odessa blooms. Due to the southern climate, the warm time comes earlier than in the rest of Ukraine.

On April 1, Odessa selebrates the Humorina, which traditionally gathers many tourists for a pleasant time and a fun holiday in the company of Odessa humorists. It selebrates for several days including Festival of Clowns and Mimes "Comediada" and other popular events. April 1 is unofficially considered the opening of the tourist season, because blooming Odessa attracts people already at this time of year. And in May in Odessa comes the new summer season, which immediately gains full momentum.

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