Shopping in Odessa: where to go shopping

Odessa attracts tourists from all over the world like a magnet, attracting them with its excellent beaches, beautiful and interesting sights and rich entertainment program. At the same time, all tourists are sure to bring something to themselves home from Odessa, in order to preserve this city for a long memory in its heart. Shopping in Odessa is an integral part of the rest in this southern city, because here you can buy original souvenirs, rare goods, books, paintings, unique jewelry, sweets, branded clothes, shoes and accessories, excellent products made of fur and leather at affordable prices.

Where can I go shopping in Odessa

Odessa is a port city in which a lively trade in a wide variety of goods delivered by ships arriving in the city or sewn on the famous Malaya Arnautskaya Street always boiled. In the oldest market of Europe "Privoz" one could get almost anything, even during times of shortage and war. And the famous Odessa “push” became the largest wholesale market in Ukraine (“7 km”), where people come from all nearby countries and cities to buy high-quality goods at the best price.

Today in Odessa there is a huge number of various shops, boutiques, shopping centers and markets where you can find any product, even the most unusual. Most of these shops and markets are located in the central part of the city or close to it, but in the sleeping areas of Odessa there are also hypermarkets where you will find souvenirs, ceramics, interior and design items, jewelry, clothes and shoes of famous world brands. The famous market "7 km" is located outside the city, it can be reached by public transport or taxi for 20 minutes from the center.

Рынки в Одессе
Market Privoz © karpik700 LJ

Shopping in the city center

In the center of Odessa is located the largest number of shops and shopping centers, so for shopping, they mainly go to this part of the city. On the main street of the city - Deribasovskaya, is located the shopping center "Europe", which presents clothing stores, shoes and accessories of popular world brands. Right next to the shopping center "Europe" there is a year-round fair where you can buy national goods and souvenirs. At several tens of meters there is a large shopping center “Athena”, under the roof of which there are about a hundred of the most diverse shops: from brand clothes to cosmetics, souvenirs and alcohol.

If you want to buy food and souvenirs cheaply, and at the same time feel the real Odessa flavor, go to the Privoz market, which is located in the very center of Odessa. Do you like shopping in stores, not in a noisy market? Then look at the shopping center "New Privoz". And for a rarity and absolutely unusual things that will suit as an original souvenir, go to the Starokonny market - a real treasure trove of collectors and designers.

A special magnetism has a shopping mall of the hotel "Passage", which is located on Deribasovskaya. This is not just a series of shops of expensive clothes and jewelry, this is a real landmark of Odessa, because the architecture of the building is striking in its lightness and magnificence.

You can buy simple souvenirs during a walk along Primorsky Boulevard to the monument to Duke De Richelieu - there are always several mobile stalls with “purely Odessa” souvenirs: ceramic figurines, plates and mugs with funny Odessa quotes, vests, magnets and many others.

Shopping in residential areas of the city

For excellent shopping in Odessa, you can not even go to the city center, because everything you need can be found and bought in hypermarkets and shopping centers, which are in large sleeping areas. There are several large shopping centers in the Village of Kotovsky (Suvorovsky District): “Riviera” (outside the city, the area of ​​the village “Fontanka”), “City Center Kotovsky” and “Equator”. In all these shopping and entertainment centers you can buy souvenirs, books, decor items, clothes and shoes (both stock and brand), cosmetics and perfumes. For you and your children there are numerous cafes and restaurants, children's entertainment centers and cinemas.

In the other large residential district of Odessa (Tairov) there are also shopping and entertainment centers Panorama and City Center, which have a large number of stores that sell a wide variety of goods. In them you can find absolutely everything that is mainly brought in memory of Odessa, as well as fashionable clothes and shoes of the highest quality.

Торговый центр в Одессе
Colin's Shop on Tairova © Citycenter

Shopping at the 7th kilometer market

Resting in Odessa, many tourists visit its famous wholesale and retail market “7 km” to buy inexpensive clothes, shoes, accessories, carpets, home furnishings, fabrics, decorations, children's things and related products, leather and fur products and much more. . Here, all these products can be bought at wholesale prices, with the help of which significant savings.

The 7 kilometer market is located outside the city, in the Ovidiopolsky district, but it can easily be reached by taxi or public transport, which runs there from all districts of Odessa. It is important to know that it is advisable to go to this market in the morning, as it starts working from the night, and all the shops close at around 15:00. The day off in this market is every Friday.

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