Potemkin Stairs

Приморский бульвар - Морвокзал, Одесса

The Potemkin Stairs are one of the main Odessa symbols easily recognized in the world for its uniqueness. There is no other analogue of them in the world! They were built in 1825 by the order of Earl Vorontsov who dedicated the stairs to his wife. The Potemkin stairs consist of 10 marches and 192 stairs and descend to Primorskaya street crossing which one may get to the Sea Station. The steps of the stairs are broad and not high which makes it easy to walk and enjoy the sea landscape.

There is a monument to the city Governor, Duke de Richelieu on the top of the Potemkin stairs in Primorsky Boulevard. The stairs seem to be absolutely straight from the top point. This visual effect was achieved with the congenial architect’s decision – broadening of its lower part. It is a real “pearl” of the architecture of Odessa.


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