Deribasovskaya Street

ул. Дерибасовская, Одесса

The world renowned Deribasovkaya street is the place where all tourists begin their sightseeing. Deribasovskaya is the main street in
Odessa, its heart and soul which combines amazing local spirit, European neatness and the old city charm. There are numerous sculptures, monuments and architectural attractions. The street is named after on of the "fathers" of
, Jose de Ribas.

Deribasovskaya is a wide street paved with cobble stones, its main part being a pedestrian area and the most popular place to walk in the city. There are exquisite restaurants, numerous cafes and pubs. Most expensive boutiques, perfume and jewelry shops are located here as well. The street begins with a monument to de Ribas and ends near the

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