Primorsky Boulevard

Приморский бульвар, Одесса

Primorsky Boulevard is one of the main symbols of Odessa and favourite places to walk among local people as well as tourists. This picturesque boulevard starts from Duma square where the building of the city Duma is situated and ends with the Vorontsov Palace, a ‘pearl’ of Odessa architecture. The most beautiful hotel, London hotel is located here as well. There are monuments to Pushkin and Duke de Richelieu facing the famous Potemkin stairs and the city funicular.

While reconstructing Primorsky Boulevard, remnants of a Greek settlement dated back to VI — V centuries BC were found and the place of excavations was covered with a glass cupola thus creating a kind of an archeological museum under the open sky. Anyone willing to look at the excavations of the old city may do it absolutely free of charge, right in Primorsky boulevard. There are many benches here and numerous street musicians perform here in the evening, and the trees are illuminated with thousands of beautiful lights.

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