Tips for foreign tourists in Odessa

Many foreign tourists begin their acquaintance with Ukraine in Odessa, and there is no wonder. Odessites call their city a pearl at the sea. This is the sea gate of the country, a big port, a mega polis with one million population. Odessa has a superb European architecture, the famous Opera theatre, cozy streets and corners, palaces and parks, Primorsky Boulevard, the Potemkin stairs and the main street of the city, the world renowned Deribasovskaya. Also, Odessa gives great opportunities for education and business. Let’s see, what can Odessa offer to its foreign guests? What rules and demands should they follow?

Visa Rules

In compliance the current law, the citizens of the CIS do not need a visa to come to Odessa, Ukraine. If citizens of the European Union, the USA, Canada, Japan and Switzerland come for a term less than 90 days, they do not need any visa. We recommend all other visitors to consult embassies of Ukraine in their countries and to take care of visas in advance.

Many people ask if they should register to live in Odessa. Tourists have nothing to worry about, they register right on the border, and those foreigners who come to the city to work, to study or plan to live here for quite a long time are obliged to register in the bodies of domestic affairs. Those who want to work here need to have a work permit in Ukraine and an identification code of a tax payer.

Customs rules

What may a tourist bring to Ukraine? Is it allowed to take one’s favourite cigarettes or drinks? As all over the world, valuable things (over 200 euro) and currency are to be declared on the border.

Following the current rules one may bring:

  • 1 liter of vodka, 2 liters of wine and 10 liters of beer, as well as food amounting to 50 euro;
  • 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes or 250 gr of tobacco.

By the way, animals are allowed to be brought as well on condition that you have all necessary documents and a vet reference for them.

Currency exchange

USA dollars as well as Russian rubles are not used for payments in Odessa. You may pay only with grivnas in shops, markets, official institutions. Please change your money in banks or currency exchange points. As usual, the rate at the airport, sea port or railway station is lower so it is better to exchange the rest of your money somewhere in the centre. Never trust street money changers! They may cheat on you.

«There’s something to be changed in life”, a Jewish man said and opened a currency exchanged point.

Embassies and Consulates

It is better to solve all issues which may arise in your embassy or consulate. As in any port city, there are representatives of many countries in Odessa which are ready to render all necessary help to their citizens.

There are the following representatives in the city:

  • UE Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine

Address: 13, Uyutnaya st., Odessa
Tel: +380 (482) 36-52-88

Address: 32, Preobrazhenskaya st., Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 786-05-70, +380 (48) 786-05-03

Address: 33а, Troitskaya st., Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 722-07-57

Address: 5/3 Gagarinskoye plateau, Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 729-77-33

Address:  31, Bazarnaya st., Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 725-03-99

Address: ap.8, 2, Marazleyevskaya st., Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 724-80-59, +380 (96) 531-49-70

Address: 18, Tolstogo st., Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 735-42-82

Address: 9, Lermontovsky lane, Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 737-60-21, +380 (48) 737-60-22

Address: 2 Nakhimova lane, Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 787-17-89, +380 (48) 787-18-98

Address: 2/2b, Posmitnogo st., Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 785-67-15

Address: 101/1, Panteleymonovskaya st., Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 798-97-52, +380 (48) 725-65-35

Address: 3, Lidersovsky boulevard, Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 722-79-11

Address: off. 17, 9, Langeronovskaya st, Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 777-89-03

Address: 2/1, Uspenskaya st., Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 718-24-80

Address: 7, Gagarinskoye plateau, Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 729-77-29

Address: 14, Gagarinskoye plateau, Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 784-15-42, +380 (48) 784-15-44, +380 (48) 784-15-46

Address: 4, Mariinskaya st., Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 726-47-27, +380 (48) 726-10-45

Address: 9, Posmitnogo st., Odessa
Tel: +380 (48) 746-65-58, +380 (48) 746-65-54

How to find a guide

It is possible to find dozens of guides on the internet who offer their services to foreign visitors. You will easily find information about guides who speak European languages and are able to conduct a city tour in English, Italian, Spanish, German, French and Russian.  

However, it is more reliable to contact tour agencies in Odessa which will conduct professional tours in the language you need and will guarantee a high performance service.

These are the following tour agencies:

Medical Aid

Unfortunately, sometimes foreign visitors of our city are injured in accidents, they fall ill, require urgent hospitalization. No matter what may happen, a sharp toothache or trauma, a catching disease or bad state of health, foreigners always may get urgent medical aid in any hospital or polyclinics of the city but they are supposed to have their medical insurance. Such medical insurance is obtained when they register their documents to come to Ukraine. If they don’t have the document they will have to pay the doctor’s fees on their own. That’s why it is better to think about medical insurance in advance, not to be trapped in a difficult situation.

Education and work in Odessa

Many foreigners come to obtain their higher education in Odessa and there are all necessary conditions for that. If you are planning to get your education here please pay attention to the following:

  • To enter a higher education institution in Odessa, you are to provide a document about your previous education and an invitation from the college or the University you have chosen.
  • CIS countries citizens do not need visas or additional documents but the invitation, and citizens of other countries are to obtain an education visa.
  • After arriving at Odessa, a foreigner is to register in the bodies of domestic affairs. He has an interview and in case he does not know the language he enters the preparatory department first, and then continues in the faculty he chooses. 

If foreigners come to work in Ukraine they should obtain their work permit in Ukraine and identification number of a tax payer first.

Urgent calls

In case of emergency please call:

  • Fire brigade: 101
  • Police: 102
  • Ambulance: 103
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