Unusual places in Odessa

Only after hearing the word "Odessa" does the imagination draw pictures of the most famous sights of the beautiful city. This, of course, is the Potemkin Staircase with the Duke at its head, the Opera House and Teschin Bridge, Arcadia and Deribasovskaya, Privoz and the Seaport. But apart from these, known to everyone who has ever visited Odessa, the sights, Odessa can offer a lot of unusual and interesting places where you can spend your time with pleasure. They will be an excellent alternative to already bored places for the townspeople and frequent visitors of the city. So if you want to add something non-standard and alternative to your experience, which is not in other cities - this article is for you.

Odessa is a port city, therefore, the famous Vorontsov lighthouse is the first who meets guests arriving by the sea and escorts those who go to sea. Built in 1845 on the initiative of Admiral Lazarev himself, he decorated the extremity of the Quarantine pier. Like the city itself, the lighthouse has an interesting and difficult destiny. Originally it was built of wood, however, in 1863 an elegant seventeen-meter lighthouse was constructed, which was a narrowed upward white cast iron tower, topped by the most modern at that time Fresnel lighting system.

September 15, 1941, during the heroic defense of Odessa defenders of the city had to blow up the lighthouse, as it was a great landmark for the guidance of enemy artillery. For the people of Odessa it was a real tragedy, but fortunately, by 1953 the former Quarantine, and now the Raiding pier, was restored and the new lighthouse took its rightful place, and remained for Odessa citizens Vorontsovsky. It is the silhouette of the Vorontsov lighthouse that adorns the medal "For the Defense of Odessa". Today, a walk along the Raiding Mole to the lighthouse is one of the attractions available to everyone, which will bring unforgettable pleasure and a lot of impressions.

One of the most mysterious and shrouded places is the Odessa catacombs located on the outskirts of the city (the entrance to the village of Nerubayskoe). They represent an endless maze of underground tunnels and tunnels. Most of them are ancient quarries, where, starting from the XIX century, a rock-shell rock was extracted from which the whole old Odessa was built. Quaintly interwoven under the historical part of the city, these underground labyrinths number more than 2.5 thousand kilometers in length.

Most of the tunnels have not been studied, so catacombs are a real treat for speleologists. But plunge into the dark underground labyrinths can not only professional researchers. This unusual entertainment is available to anyone who wants to. Catacombs can be visited both in the group and individually, with an experienced guide. In addition to impressions from the place itself, you will receive an exciting excursion, learn about the mysterious and heroic events associated with this amazing place, touch the real history of the city.

An interesting option for a non-standard holiday in Odessa can be a visit to a variety of art cafes and the increasingly popular anti-kafe. In the art cafe you can relax in a friendly home atmosphere with a glass of something hot or a cup of aromatic coffee, and at the same time enjoy thematic live music performed by a variety of creative groups. One of the most popular art establishments in Odessa are the art-cafe "Cupboard" and True Man. These are wonderful places for friendly meetings and parties, new acquaintances and just rest after a busy day. Here they hold concerts and literary evenings, watch movies and play exciting games. In Odessa art cafe you are provided with a pleasant company and the most friendly atmosphere. By the way, and the kitchen is not bad!

Арт-кафе в Одессе
© Shkaf

Anticafe - this is a fairly new format, which has already won the hearts of the townspeople. The basic principle - you pay only for the time spent in such a cafe. All treats, including coffee, tea and a variety of yummies, you get completely free. Also free are all the entertainment offered by the institution and cult-mass events. And most importantly, here you will be offered free high-speed internet. In anti-penalty, you can conduct a variety of trainings and seminars in a relaxed atmosphere, participate in parties, games and concerts. It is noteworthy that alcoholic drinks are not served in anti-smoking.

An excellent example of such an alternative cafe is the "Terminal 42" located in the heart of Odessa. This is a large coworking space, where you can interestingly and profitably spend your leisure time. It is comfortable to work on some project in the company of like-minded people or just with a loyal laptop, listen to interesting lectures, watch a performance or participate in the festival. And, perhaps, it is here, after sipping a fragrant coffee, you will begin your brilliant start-up.

Recently, many so-called querums have opened in Odessa. This is a place for fans to "stir" the brains, to solve puzzles, and at the same time and "tickle" your nerves, because many of them are decorated in a rather gloomy, and sometimes terrifying scenery. Locations that Quest-Odesa offers you are staggering. You can find stories for every taste: these are detectives, and gloomy thrillers and frank horror films, where you in the dark will have to look for an outlet, listening to the most frightening sounds, bumping into objects of frightening outlines.

Quite a large and interesting choice of locations can offer a network of quests "Exit". Then you and the "Game of Thrones", and "Stalker", and "The Fifth Element", and "Black Pearl". Want mystics - then you are in the "Enchantment" or "The Damned House." And maybe you wonder what the victim feels like a maniac? Well, welcome to the quests "Abduction" and "Saw"! Well, fans of horror can advise a really frightening quest "Labyrinth" - this is 800 square meters of pitch darkness and horror.

Extreme lovers will also be interested in a walk to the Devolanovskiy Descent, located in the Quarantine Beam. This street of the city is difficult to call a tourist attraction in the truest sense of the word: it is rather an anti-attraction of South Palmira - the real underside of the most beautiful city. Getting here, you seem to be transported to post-war Odessa: all the windows in the old houses are broken, and the houses themselves have been destroyed for many years, there is no road at all. The post-apocalyptic landscape is terrific and terrifying at the same time. And all this "splendor" is two steps away from the modern skyscrapers and the elegant city center. So the contrast is very impressive. Recommended!

Деволановский спуск
Devolanovskiy descent © Torpedolov Ukraine

In the summer in Odessa there is a special entertainment for movie lovers - a wonderful open-air cinema that awaits its guests at the Seamen's Palace on Primorsky Boulevard. Here, after a 30-year break, the projector's beam came to life again. Truly indescribable pleasure - on a summer evening enjoy your favorite open-air film, breathing in the sea breeze, filled with the aroma of flowering chestnuts.

In the design of the cinema, the organizers applied interesting technical and design solutions. So, the seats in the cinema are made from specially made wooden pallets covered with soft poufs, and the sound is transmitted in silent cinema format - via headphones using a radio station. This allowed to provide an excellent sound for visitors and at the same time silence for residents of nearby houses. The cost of visiting the cinema is more than modest, and the atmosphere is simply unforgettable.

By the way, in the open air in Odessa you can not only watch a movie, but also have a tasty dinner, watch a concert and dance. Such an exciting holiday can be organized in the nightclub "The roof of the sea". This non-standard institution is located right on the beach, on the beach "Langeron". Concerts, live music and parties - all this is in abundance. And in addition - a delicious grill and starry Odessa sky.

On the beach "Dolphin" next to "Langeron" you can see an amazing and nothing like place - "Tunnel of Fairy Tales". This is a real two-hundred-meter tunnel, along which an old elevator descends passengers from the sanatorium "Magnolia" to the beach "Dolphin". And his "fairy" name, he got thanks to the mosaic walled with multicolored walls, which throughout the tunnel are decorated with various subjects from fairy tales. In addition, the tunnel was equipped with multi-colored lighting, which gave him a truly fascinating view.

Тоннель сказок
Tunnel of fairy tales © general_kosmosa LJ

Fans Melpomene special pleasure will bring a visit to one of the Odessa theaters. Among the most unconventional theaters in Odessa, perhaps, it is worth highlighting the "Theater on the Tea" and "Green Theater".

"Theater on the Tea" - this is a real experimental theater. In it you will not see velvet and gilding. There are no columns and marble stairs. In a word, there is no "pomp", only a talented actor's play, original and fascinating performances, and most importantly - inherent only in this very young theater, an amazing unity with the audience. The theater is presented by young, but very talented collective, positioning itself as a theatrical laboratory. This is a real "whiff of fresh wind" on the theatrical map of Odessa.

No less remarkable place is the "Green Theater", located in the main park of the city - Shevchenko Park. This is the first and only amphitheater in Odessa in the open air in which you can not only enjoy a variety of theatrical and film productions, but also participate in educational projects, master classes, literary readings. On a real European lawn, you can do yoga, play soccer or just lie on a soft puff, deckchair or hammock. On the territory of the theater there is an "eco-space", with various ecological projects and initiatives placed on it, as well as a buffet with many seats and interesting gastronomic projects.

For lovers of "live" instrumental music, so-called event venues are open in Odessa, which offer a very interesting and not banal leisure format for residents of Odessa. A vivid example of such an institution is the jazz club Perron No. 7. Here you will find: a recording studio, in the chamber hall of which there are wonderful concerts of jazz bands, a cozy restaurant and even a soft "lounge" in the attic, and most importantly - you will be able to listen to this author's jazz!

In summer, we recommend visiting the "Courtyard of Culture", which is located on the French Boulevard. Located in the cozy courtyard of the Odessa Champagne Wine Factory, it turns into a real cultural residence of the city for the whole summer. Your attention here will be presented by various exhibitions, performances, concerts and even themed carnivals. You will be able to immerse yourself in a creative atmosphere, communicate with musicians and artists, writers and actors. In addition to all, you will be offered thematic dinners, where you can taste traditional dishes of the country, which is dedicated to the evening in the "Court of Culture". For children, there is a children's play area with professional animators.

Among other things, Odessa is famous for its museums: here you can visit the Navy Museum, the Museum of Oriental and Western Art and even the Archaeological Museum. But very few people know that in Odessa there is a magnificent museum of the cognac business of Shustov. Here you can learn everything about cognac! And not only to learn, but also to taste this royal drink. You will have the opportunity yourself, but under the careful guidance of an experienced craftsman, to buy cognac of different ages and, possibly, get your perfect blend.

For connoisseurs of fine arts, we recommend you pay attention to the original street art on the streets of the city. Amazing drawings, sculptures and graffiti - all this you will find on the picturesque Odessa streets. For example, on Novoselskogo Street, near the Academy of Communications and the famous Kirkh, you can admire two objects of street art at once. The first is a hand welded out of nuts, gears and other metal junk, tall with human growth, with an Apple logo cut out on it (the sculpture is dedicated to the founder of the company, Steven Jobs). And here, on the facade of the Academy of Communications hostel, you can see a huge, full-walled, murray depicting the flying opera house.

Стрит-арт в Одессе
Steet-art in Odessa © kulturemetr

On Lanzheronovskaya street you can meet the sculpture "Odessa Maman" welded from metal plates, and near Odessa Polytech you will be pleased with the eye sculpture "Woman-double bass" - a truly delicate work with metal. And what about the phone booth of Doctor Who, instead of a dull gray phone cabinet? Or the masterpieces of Warhol and Magritte? All this, yes, you will find in Odessa!

Special attention deserves a stunning beauty figure in the wall of the house on the street Jewish, 32. He paints about Odessa and its famous citizens. And, perhaps, the crown of Odessa street art, decorated with retro drawings, - Quarantine descent, which is very popular as a location for photo sessions.

Of course, this is not all the unusual places that are in the "Pearl at the Sea". About this, perhaps, you can write a whole book with delightful pictures, because Odessa itself is unusual. Here, everyone will find something interesting for themselves and certainly fall in love with this southern city.

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